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A complete service and repair solution

We can maintain any type of trailer that you operate and can also offer a collection and delivery service (at extra cost) using our own tractor unit.

List of Services                              (Scroll down for inspection and examination packages)

Steering axle repairs a specialty
All tail lift repairs
Tail lift thorough examinations (in depth report at end of page)
Tail lift weight checks
MOT preparation and presentation
Servicing and repairs
Brake relines and associated repairs
Welding and plating chassis
Renewing flooring
Renewing suspension bushes
Diagnosing air suspension and associated repairs
Repairing lighting
Repairing wiring and electrical circuits
Diagnosing ABS and associated repairs
Repairing trailer roof damage
Renewing mud wings and flaps
Tyre regrooving
Renewing hub seals and bearings
Repairing rear shutter doors
Repairing ripped tautliner curtains


Further to recent enquiries and enforcement by HSE, I have felt it necessary to produce this information pack to explain the basic Regulations of LOLER and PUWER and your obligation as a tail lift user to comply. No longer is it acceptable to use equipment that does not comply with safety standards, as the penalties of doing so can some times be quite harsh.


The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment (LOLER) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) came into force on the 5th December 1998. The regulations replace most of the previous legislation relating to the use of lifting equipment.

PUWER covers every sort of work equipment, where as LOLER applies specifically to lifting equipment. Tail Lifts are both work  and lifting equipment and users must comply with both sets of Regulations.

LOLER aims to reduce the risk to operators` Health and Safety when using lifting equipment.

LOLER and PUWER  focus on the user of the equipment rather than the manufacturer.

Of importance is the mandatory requirement in LOLER for all vehicle tail lifts, which can carry persons and or goods to have a six monthly THOROUGH EXAMINATION by COMPETENT PERSONS. This is to ensure that the equipment remains safe to operate and that any deterioration can be detected and remedied in good time.

Non compliance is breaking UK criminal law, carrying penalties of substantial fines or periods of imprisonment.


Service Inspection

Is visually checking the condition of an item and, whilst it can be thorough, it is still an INSPECTION (it does not reduce the risk to the operators Health and Safety when using lifting equipment) Inspections are also covered in LOLER. in practise an inspection is often combined with servicing. (note; a service is not a Thorough Examination)

Weight Test

Is a means of checking performance and is carried out under controlled conditions with measurements being recorded. This is a recommendation of Manufacturers and if a Weight Test has not been carried out within twelve months previous to the Thorough Examination one may be called for as a part of the Thorough Examination.

An Examination

Is an investigation to determine overall condition. The examiner needs understanding of functioning of the item and possibly fault conditions, together with the ability to diagnose early signs of failure. It may well include an inspection and test.

A Thorough Examination

A COMPETENT PERSON must carry it out.

A Thorough Examination determines the overall condition of the lifting equipment

It may include testing and inspection.

It requires an understanding of the correct functioning of the lift and of possible fault conditions, therefore a full understanding of how the equipment operates is required.

It requires an ability to recognise the signs of common forms of product misuse and its possible effect on lift safety.

It needs the ability to diagnose early signs of failure.

Further investigation of internal parts may be required.

It should be carried out as a separate exercise and must not be combined with any remedial work.

The results of a Thorough Examination must be fully documented. The engineer signs the Thorough Examination report before handing over to the customer.


A J Reynolds is committed to providing a total tail lift service that meets the needs of our customers. To help you comply with the statutory requirements we have designed two packages.


Minimum legal requirement

Consisting of two Thorough Examinations per year

A J Reynolds will contact your transport department one month prior to due date and make the necessary arrangements.

The results of the Thorough Examination will be fully documented and signed by the engineer and sent to the contact provided.




Regulation requirement, maintenance and inspection

This package meets both the needs of the HSE and the standards laid down by the lift manufacturers.

Consisting of two Thorough Examinations per year.

A service and a service with a Weight Test.

Preventative Maintenance

A J Reynolds will contact your Transport Department one month prior to the due date and make all the necessary arrangements.

The results of the Thorough Examination will be fully documented and signed by the engineer and sent to the contact provided.

Weight Test Certificates will be sent to the contact provided.


All the above packages are flexible, for example if your Thorough Examinations are carried out by your insurance company A J Reynolds can still put in place a full maintenance package to suit your requirements. We are here to help you.